Simple and effective gutter protection system

Gutter Protector takes a quarter of the time to install than most other products, making Gutter Protector the No. 1 choice by roofing contractors and DIY installations.

Installation has no need for drilling into your roof or Gutter, no need for screws or use of messy silicone, so will not void roof or Gutter warranty.

Unlike some other mesh foam inserts, Gutter Protector has had biocide added to the mix during production, making it mold, mildew and moss resistant and will also prevent seeds from growing

Gutter Protector has passed all AS/NZ Standards for safe drinking water collection and has been tested by CSIRO to Australian Standard Flammability test AS-1530-3-1999.

Gutter Protector, has a UV resistant formula added to the mix during production, so it can not wash or wear out and will remain in the product for its life span, unlike other foam filters and Gutter Filters that have the UV added to the surface after production, described as a coating. BEWARE a coating will wear out.

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